After earning a BS in Business/Accounting and an MS in Behavioral Science from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Arnie chose to become a commercial film producer-director; a field which, oddly, utilizes learning from both of these areas of study.


Arnie's films, TV shows, and commercials have won a lot of statuettes including Emmys, Tellys, Addys, and Globals plus a bunch of plaques from film festivals in which his work was recognized.


He now specializes in real people advertising and authentic storytelling for healthcare.


Arnie lives in Corrales, NM with Mose, a yellow lab, Jessie, a golden retriever, and Nancy, a singer-songwriter member of musical trio Jeez LaWeez.


After earning a BA Degree in Economics at UNM, Tracy spent much of the first 20 years of her career on the advertising agency side of the equation as a stylist, production manager, and producer. She looks way too young to have this much experience.


As a Lerner Film producer, Tracy has been responsible for many patient-based stories for Presbyterian Healthcare Services (Albuquerque, NM). Her gentle but determined manner is critical to the storytelling process when dealing with patients and caregivers alike.


She also claims to "live her life to crack the whip on the set" but is actually a nurturing spirit, making certain that crews are fed and watered on a regular basis, demanding healthy snacks on their behalf, and insisting that they get proper rest.


At home in Placitas, NM, she shares her life with her ulta-marathoner partner, Fred, her dog, Rono and 40,000 Honeybees.