Once Lerner Film is engaged, the first step is gaining access to caregivers, patients, and to the sites where health care is given. Although we have ID badges and letters of authorization from the administrative sector, it is still up to us to build trust relationships in the clinical world. It is only in this way that we will be allowed to be present for events and conversations that are typically private. Over the years, we have developed a process that reassures people we encounter that they are in good hands and that in their participation, a greater good will be served. Here are some of our tenets:

Our goal is to honor excellence.


Our production will not affect the timing or the manner in which care is given.


When patients and caregivers allow us to follow their journey, we consider it a gift. We never take their participation and cooperation for granted.


Modern technology offers low-profile tools to obtain broadcast-quality video, but it is the way our people use these tools that will minimize the situational impact.


Exam rooms, procedure areas, and operating rooms are often quite small. We strive to maintain a small footprint physically and psychologically.


In recording everyday activity, the extraordinary passion that caregivers have for their work becomes evident.


Trust is fundamental to excellent healthcare. We make every effort to support the caregiver-patient relationship. Likewise, our own relationships with caregivers and patients are taken very seriously.